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We are proud to be one of the most renowned Night Club agencies in Europe. Come and meet us and discover the world of Hostess Drink. We will be happy to make your acquaintance.

  • Hostesses, models and image girls: what matters is clarity

    Hostess & Drink offers you a serious and well-paid job that will allow you to be independent and travel throughout Italy. Hostess & Drink is committed to creating contacts, all based on a regular employment contract. Clarity and transparency make our agency one of the most popular in the world of hospitality and entertainment.

  • Our areas of activity: there is hostess and hostess

    Undoubtedly, the activities that pay the most generously are the upscale Night Clubs and Sexy Disco. But the activity of "image girl" can have even easier implications. You decide which activities to accept and which to discard. Any job that is proposed to you will be filtered by us in order to always offer you the best in terms of safety and professionalism at work.

  • If you are at the first experience, we will help you: we are excellent Talent Scouts

    Is this your first experience? Ask us for all the information you want to understand if it is the right job for you. We also give you the opportunity to do a 2-day trial! By joining our staff, you will have the privilege of being followed by professionals in the sector. Our agency will allow you to work, learn and grow professionally by putting yourself in a position to earn from the first day.

  • Hostess & Drinks: Economically independent Professionally safe

    Working in the entertainment world is an activity coveted by many girls, but the guarantee of substantial income is not enough: you have to rely on serious agencies, which know how to approach the world of "hostesses" and the world of "stewards" with the utmost professionalism.

Night Club Job Offer in Abruzzo

Night Club Job available as hostess and guest attendant. Guaranteed fixed rate for drinks from 0 to 8 drinks. For more drinks, on recognizes an increased fee. Please note: "drinks" means maximum of 20 [...]

Night Club Job Offer in Marche

Hostess & Drink collaborates with the most exclusive nightclubs in the Marche and offers several job opportunities in various cities Night Clubs. We are looking for lounge attendants, hostesses and guest entertainment. The salary [...]

Lombardia – Night Club Job Offer

Night club in the center of Milan. Great Job opportunity in an exclusive Night Club for hostesses and guest entertainment. The salary includes a fixed fee plus a percentage on the drinks (bottles, drinks, [...]

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