Night Club Job available as hostess and guest attendant.

Guaranteed fixed rate for drinks from 0 to 8 drinks. For more drinks, on recognizes an increased fee.

Please note: “drinks” means maximum of 20 minutes of entertainment with the customer (without any physical contact and without the obligation to consume alcohol or any type of drink).

Payment is weekly. Accommodation and taxi drive (driver who takes you to your workplace) are free.

The apartments are located in a central area.

Our  affiliated night clubs in Abruzzo are located in the cities of Pescara and Vasto.

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HostessDrink agency looks for:

Dancers, Hall attendants, Hostesses (including foreigners) with a regular residence permit

On requires:

  • Immediate availability
  • Interpersonal Relationship Attitude
  • Ability to work in a team

We offer a permanent contract, hiring and placement according to law terms.

Job advertisement valid for first experiences too.