Hostess Drink offers you a serious, well-paid job that allows you to maintain yourself, be independent and travel throughout Italy, meet new people, and have a lot of attention from everyone, obviously with a regular employment contract. Ours is an important Italian agency that offers you clarity, seriousness and ongoing work throughout Italy.

Girl Image Night Club: what the job consists of

Being an image girl in Night Clubs means welcoming and entertaining Night visitors by talking and listening to music seated comfortably at the public table. You will be able to dance, laugh and joke with customers without being forced to drink alcohol. You can also consume water and soft drinks in a sober and elegant atmosphere. You choose the clothing: miniskirt and high heels are fine but you will have to be careful not to fall into vulgarity.

How many days do you work?

You work 6 days a week, from 22.00 to 4.00 on Friday and Saturday you work an extra hour; it is possible to ask for days off, “it is not allowed to work only on weekends.
We also DO NOT hire girls with current school or work commitments.

What are the places of work?

Hostess Drink operates throughout Italy: in all cities we offer a free apartment shared with other girls who work with you. It is essential to offer willingness to travel, as the best opportunities are not always found near the house. Depending on your characteristics (height, image, age, experience) we will recommend the best place for you.

How much do you earn?

Although every single girl is assessed individually, we can still say that the minimum daily wage is never below 60 euros. Clearly, image girls with above average beauty standards or professionals with years of activity behind them can achieve much higher remuneration.

Refrain wasters

The salary of a Hostess Drink consists of landline, incentives, apartment and free taxi driver. Despite all these royalties, we know that work requires small sacrifices, one of which is “continuity”. For this reason, we ask all candidates to give a minimum availability of 1 month to give continuity to the work in respect of the owners of the premises that offer you this excellent earning opportunity.

Upon your arrival

After agreeing on the day and time of your arrival (at the train, bus or airport station) you will find a driver who will accompany you free of charge to the apartment. There you will arrange your luggage, you will relax….